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Breast cancer awareness month

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  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Take action. Fight breast cancer.

At the Canadian Cancer Society, the month of October is about more than just raising awareness of breast cancer, it’s about taking action to save lives.

Learn more about our fight against breast cancer and how you can show your support by taking action against this disease.

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Help support life-saving breast cancer research

Donate now

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1 in 8 Canadian women will be diagnosed with breast cancer

About breast cancer

This October, here’s how you can take action

  • Get Involved

    There are so many ways you can get involved and make a direct impact in the fight against breast cancer.

    • Challenge your MPP to ensure all Ontarians have access to cancer drugs
    • Join our Women to Women movement to educate other women about breast cancer screening and to raise funds to support breast cancer research.
    • Host your own  fundraising event .
  • Get Screened

    Screening tests help find breast cancer before any symptoms develop. When breast cancer is found and treated early, the chances of successful treatment are better. Find out more about breast cancer screening .

    Put the spotlight on early detection

    Our Get Screened program aims to increase colon, breast and cervical cancer screening rates among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) communities. Find out more .

  • Get Support

    Facing breast cancer is hard. You’ll have many questions and concerns. No one should have to face cancer alone. We’re here for you if you have questions or want to talk to someone who’s been there. Learn more about the support services  or call us today at 1-888-939-3333

    Are you a young woman recently diagnosed with breast cancer? Be sure to check out our informational webcast on fertility options while navigating breast cancer treatment.

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Paulette Hicks
A random act of kindness during one of the most vulnerable times in someone’s life can be powerful.

Read Paulette’s story

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Together we can reduce the burden of cancer

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Last year, we only had the resources available to fund 40% of high-priority research projects. Imagine the impact we could have if we were able to fund 100%.

Learn more

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2016 Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Calendar of Events
  • Coming Soon: A new event!
  • Mobile Mammography Events
  • Promise Partners
  • Race for the Cure
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  • Rock the Ribbon III
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2016 Breast Cancer Awareness Month


2016 National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Please join us as we amplify our awareness efforts, visibility & programming from today through October 31. 

Each year our communications team partners with Susan G. Komen Nebraska and Susan G. Komen Missouri to create one of the most comprehensive content campaigns surrounding National Breast Cancer Awareness Month including 44 days of education, infographics, webinars, Twitter chats, contests, emails, blog posts and more. This content is shared with the entire North Central Region of Susan G. Komen as well as others around the country. This is in addition to the award-winning social and digital campaigns we already have planned for the month of October and beyond. We encourage you to share our education with others (Feel free to note where you got it from as well). Need more or more in-depth information on a topic, event or subject matter? Let us know and we are happy to help.

This is what we do and why we are here!




Check back each Monday for updated links to the
previous week’s’ worth of content, education and more!

Presented by our #NBCAM partners:

41 Action News | 38 the Spot |
The Kansas City Star | Ink Magazine
Mix 93.3 | 94.1 KFKF | KC102.1 | Q104

Week 1: 09.18 to 09.24

Theme: Breast Cancer Education

Use #MoreThanPinkKC or #Komen365 on social media when sharing or posting

  • Sunday: What is Breast Cancer?
  • Monday: NEWS | Susan G. Komen announces $33 million in cutting-edge research funding
  • Monday: Clinical Breast Exams
  • Tuesday: Mammograms
  • Wednesday: Your Annual Reminder
  • Friday: Know Your Normal
  • Saturday: Breast Biopsy/Pathology

Week 2: 09.25 to 10.01

Theme: Understanding Breast Cancer Risk

UBER Hustle: 09.30 | UBER & Charlie Hustle Campaign

  • Sunday: Diet & Nutrition
  • Monday: Personal Health History (Sponsored by Myriad Genetics )
  • Tuesday: Family History (Sponsored by Myriad Genetics )
  • Wednesday: Menopausal Hormone Use
  • Thursday: Questions to ask your doctor
  • Friday: Alcohol Use
  • Friday: UBER Hustle Campaign (See full campaign results)
  • Saturday: Exercise 

Week 3: 10.02 to 10.08

Theme: Local Mission Investment

  • Sunday: Komen Priority County: Clay County, MO
  • Wednesday: Charlie Hustle is More Than Pink
  • Thursday: Komen Priority County: Jackson County, MO
  • Friday: Rock the Ribbon II with the Barenaked Ladies announced

Week 4: 10.09 to 10.15

Theme: Survivorship

  • Sunday: Complementary Integrative Therapies
  • Monday: Family/Co-Survivors
  • Tuesday: Intimacy
  • Wednesday: Psychosocial Factors
  • Friday: You are not alone
  • Saturday: Post-Diagnosis

Week 5: 10.16 to 10.22

Theme: Breast Cancer Research

  • Sunday: Komen’s Impact
  • Monday: Progress towards the cures
  • Tuesday: Still More Than Pink – A Survivor’s Story
  • Wednesday: Triple Negative Breast Cancer
  • Thursday: Young Researchers
  • Friday: Research Advocacy
  • Friday: Why Komen?
  • Saturday: Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank

Week 6: 10.23 to 10.29

Webinar: 10.24 | Understanding Genetics (Sponsored by Myriad Genetics )

Theme: Collaboration

  • Sunday: Komen Help Line
  • Monday: Global Komen
  • Tuesday: Komen Scholars
  • Wednesday: Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance
  • Thursday: National Treatment Assistance Fund

Thank you to the community!

Follow along all month-long as we celebrate National Breast Cancer Awareness Month on the various digital platforms of Komen Kansas City and use the hashtag #MoreThanPinkKC or #Komen365 to join in the conversation.

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