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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on July 30, 1931 · Page 1

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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 1

Cumberland Evening Times i
Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 30, 1931
Page 1

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Y> -" fcu-tly cloudy so wttm toafcht and Friday; preceded by local thunder, showers this afteravou or early tonight: (tulle to moderate ghlfttaf winds becoming northeast or east. CITY WEATHER Max. 98 71 Rainfall—.06 inches. Day—Clear. River—1.5 feet. Set Max. 93 * VOL. LXIV—NO. 209 16 PAGES LAST CITY EDITION CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, JULY 30,1S31 Direct Associated Press Service PRICE TWO CENTS "Scarface" Al Capone Awaits His Prison Fate GANGSTER! •4. LATE TODAY Government And Defense Present Evidence In Prohibition And Income Tax Cases GANG LEADER ALONE IN COURT •Chats Nervously With Reporters While Mopping Perspiring Brow: Admits His Anxiety FLIERS TURKEY AL CAPONES PRISON AND WARDEN Chicago, July 30. testing that the Attorney General of the United States had – sanetiosed. an. agreen-fet 5?e- tween Alphonse Capone and the government that leniency would be recommended if the gang: chief pleaded guilty ito income t»s; evasion and prohibition conspiracy, Attorney Michael Ahem moved in Federal court today to withdraw Capones^ plea of guilty. Chicago, July 30 (/P)— Government and defense were ordered by Judge James H. Wilkerson today to present their evidence in prohibition and income  tax .cases against "Scarface" Alphonse Capone art a hearing beginning at 2 p. m. Capone May Testify Only the reading of the indictments occupied the brief morning session of court during which the corpulent boss of Chicago gangs sat mopping his brown nervously in j the crowded court room. Capone himself may be required to testify •during" the hearing. "If the defendant , asks leniency,". Around-The-World Fliers Land In Wales, Moving On To Croydon, England Today FLEW THROUGH POQ OVER MOST OF SEA Unable To Penetrate Gray "Floor" Beneath Them Until Over Ireland; Lost Bearings Short Coats For Winter Shown At Style Review Newest Designs Are Jaunty Hip Length And Three- Quarter Length Fur And Cloth Models, For Both Sports And Formal Afternoon Wear; Virtually All Sleeves Are Wide And Lavishly Furred. Paris, July 30, fP)—Short coats for winter wear were the outstanding new style offering exhibited as the .ast word in fall fashions by a leading Parisian coat desisner today. Although several fuU length models v/ere displayed for women sensitive to the cold, the newest de- •Jjons concerning himself. Thejjudge . said .."that .any agreement the defense and prosecution might have made," had no binding influence upon. the. court, and asserted that the power to compromise in a -case involving criminal liability was not vested in. the courts. . . • . Judge Wilkerson explained that he knew nothing of the facts in the case which charge the gang leader with 5,000 separate offenses against te prohibition act and .evasion (n taxes on an income of more than $1,000,000. He could only perform his duty-, he said, by hearing fully the evidence and determining the degree of guilt. Might Withdraw ,- plea Dapone appeared disconcerted at the courts attitude and the rumor gained circulation that he might withdraw his guilty plea and stand trial rather than make a personal plea for leniency. The hearing lasted less than ten minutes. The big gangster,. weighing 250 pounds, stood before – the bar with his- hands behind his back twisting a white, handkerchief. He teetered a bit on his toes as he con- tined his methodical gum-chewing. The jurist read his remarks rapidly and foiCefully, shaking his head for punctuation. As he looked straight at Capone and said, "the defendant must understand he can have no agreement with the court," . the gangster ceased his chewing. -,-•• Submits Self To Court VHe submitted himself to the judg- "xnent of the United States District Court, standing before Judge James • H. Wilkerson to await the penalty he must pay for a decade of rule (Continued on Page 2) hall 4-V.rt „!_*, V 1 — ~ ~, , ~, *  "–«- VM*. QH-.U.^WUI^l. l^iiAUut U4UX>U OQi VC iliS IdOii At the light below, a an entrance to the big prison where Capbne will serve as a convict under AVarden inomas B Wrote, left „. RENO SPEAKEASIES "TIPPED;" RAIDS FAIL Federal Agents! Successful In Gaining Entrance To Only One Place LINDBERGHS RESUMEFLIGHT TO THE ORIENT Take-off From New Haven, Maine, This- Afternoon For Attawa, Their Next Stop GETAWAY GRACEFUL Colonel Says He Experts Plane To Average 105 Miles Hour — Wife At Radio North Haven, Maine, July SOW—After a nights , visit with their 13-months-old son, Colonel and Mrs. Charles A. Lindbergh took toff today at 1:06 p. m. (EST) for a 370- mile flight to Ottawa, next scheduled stop on their vaca- m trip to the Orient. Take Off Graceful The plane taxied toward the west lown the thoroughfare dividing the islands of Vinal Haven and North Haven, lifted easily and then circled west, passing over the Morrow Mi Ifi 0 D TOENDSENATE PROBEOFICTS Asks Writ To Prevent Inquiring Into Campaign Made.Against Smith In 1928 RULING HELD UP FIFTY SLEUTHS PROWLHiRLEM FOR SLAYERS Policemen Of Italian Extraction Comb "Little Italy" For Clues In Child Shootings GOVERNOR SWEARS Court Refuses To A c t Roosevelt Calls Death And Reno, Nevada, July 30 hibition agents descended on Reno last night for the second time this month, but. word of their coming preceded them and they were successful in entering only one speakeasy after first raiding fashionable Cal-Neva report at Lake Tahoe, sixty miles from here. Three arrests were made, two at Cal-Neva and the other at the Ma- jcctic Club in this city. The agents said large quantities of liquor were seized at both places. The raid at Cal-Neva, famous as a gathering plac 1 ; of divorcees, was conducted quietly late yesterday while there were but few customers in the place. That at the Majestic, however, was not accomplished iptil after the agents had battered . Jbwn an outer door to gain admit- *nce. Cal-Neva had never before been raided. It straddles the California- Nevada line, with a bar and gambling games on the Nevada side and a dance floor on the California side. AMY JOHNSON ON WAY TO SVERDLOVSK Moscow, July 30 W)—Amy John- scji, British flier en route from England to Tokyo, took of! from Kazan today for Sverdlovsk. A\e landed in Kazan last night after a flight from Moscow. estate on the other side of the island and headed northwest, Lindbergh said the plane probably would average about 105 miles an hour on the hop. The Lindberghs arrived here from North- Beach, N. Y., yesterday afternoon and spent the night at the summer home of United States Senator and Mrs. Dwight W. Morrow, parents of Mrs. Lindbergh. Wife At Radio The baby was brought here by train and boat on Monday by his nurse. Lindbergh was at the controls and his wife, to whom he referred all questions this morning regarding the distance to be covered and the operation of the radio, was in (Continued on Page 9) ! j Until Nye Committee Has Been Acquainted , With Proceedings Washington, July 30 W 3 )— Robert H. Mencill, attorney for Bishop James Cannon, Jr., ;oday filed with the district .of Columbia Supreme Court a petition for a writ to prevent ;he Senate Campaign Funds Committee from inquiring in- o his campaign activities against Alfred E. Smith in 1928. Court Kef uses Ruling Berlin, July 30 (an—Clyde Pangborn aad Hugh Kcrndon, Jr.. Hying around the world in their red monoplane, landed at Templeholf Airdrome this evening: at 7:30 p. m. from Croydon, England. Groydon, Eng., July 30 (£*) —Clyde Pangborn and Hugh lerndon, Jr., who landed their trans-Atlantic monoplane in Wales last night and came on here this morning, took off for Moscow, their original objective, at 2:13 p. rn. today (8:13 a. m. EOT). They are flying by way of Berlin. The takeoff was nearly six hours after their arrival from Wales.- They, expected,,to. make Berlin vithm four orfive nours, stop there to refuel,, and ^continue to-Moscow if the weath ef; is : good; arriving there sometime early Friday morning. .. Hemdon supervised the. refueling here this morning while Pangborn caught up on his sleep. Then they I had luncheon together, with Dixon (Boardman, Herndoas stepfather, as! their guest. Posed For Movies After luncheon –they posed for the-movie men and were off. The red plane circled the field once and darted eastward. Both fliers .during the luncheon expressed their determination to beat the Post-Gatty round-the- world speed record, but they agreed their,-forced landing last night in Wales had robbed them of their chance to circle the globe in six days as they had hoped to do. Except for the fog, they said, the trip thus far had . been pleasant. Not once after they left the Newfoundland coast had they, been able to penetrate the gray "floor" De- ~seis jaunty hip length and three-quarter length fur and cloth models, designed for both sports and formal afternoon wear. The short fur models were : de of mink, black or brown astrakhan and black galyak, while the short cloth models favored velvets and duvetyns. They were made on slim semi-fitted or length models sharply, while belted lines. Hip generally flared reminiscent of . the old-fashioned tippet, which was worn with a dark red wool dress and a tiny tip-tiled astrakhan hat and an astrakhan barrel muff. Long coats were lavishly furred, many also being furiined .with such pelts as squirrel and leopard to give additional warmth. Coat collars have taken on a new line, the long shawl variety being tossed into the discard for the square or round standing models framing the face. Virtually all sleeves are wide and lavishly furred, with pelts sometimes extending from wrist to elbow. They wrapped well around ,,,..,., , sharply, while the three-quarters j the figure, sometimes far enough designs clung closer to the f;_..re. to button behind the left bin These short coats wsrs worn with wool or velvet frocks matching or contrasting in color, an outstanding model being a fitted black astrakhan pelcrin made on a caps effect behind the left hip. The colors featured were black,, brown, wine-red, dark green, andj wine-purple, and the trimmings were astrakhan, Persian lamb, broadtail, dyed ermine and squirrel. TORRID HE AT WELLER GROUP STILL GRIPPING OF NATION Not Only .Are Inhabitants Suffering But, Corn Crops are Firing With /Drought Dangerous 20 DEAD IN EAST Justice Proctor declined to issue a rule until the Senators have bsen notified of the filing of the .suit. He directed McNeill to notify the committee of which Senator Nye.j Republican, of North Dakota, is chairman. The Bishops petition would have the writ -prevent the committee from summoning witnesses and continuing the inquiry into his activities. The Southern Methodist church- •naa has repeatedly disputed the authority of Senate committees to investigate the manner in which approximately $65,500 which he received from E. C. Jameson, New York capitalist, to use against Wounding of Children "A Damnable Outrage" New York, July 30 Fifty policemen of Italian extraction, disguised as workmen or men-about-town, strolled the streets of Harlems "Little Italy" today, their ears open for a cltfe to the child slaying on Tuesday. The police department, urged on by an aroused citizenry and newspaper rewards totalling $15,000, sent .P"n. the weather and other cir- every available man to ferret .out each minute clue that might lead to the gunmen who took the life. of one child and sent four others to ;he hcisprtal in trying to shoot down their intended • victim, a still unidentified man. Community Reticent Detectives were hampered by the reticence of a grief-stricken Sicilian Some Sections Of Northwest, However, Are Experiencing Temperatures Of Winter Variety neath them, but at last through a hole in the clouds they spotted what they, thought was a ship. Coming down for a better look, they saw that it was a cottage near the Irish coast, its sides covered with rose bushes in full bloom. For four "hours after that they floundered around in a milk white sea. of fog and. finally risked a hazardous landing in a rlillslde field five miles from Cardigan. The farmers of the neighborhood helped them find lodgings for the light at a nearby inn, and at down they came on to Croydon. After leaving Moscow, they said, ( ;heir route would depend largely j (By The Associated Press) The entire country, save for two sweltering sections, enjoyed at least temporary relief . from soaring temperatures today. One of those areas, comprised of Indiana, western Ohio and nor;n Kentucky, continued to swelter under the intense heat. The other, a larger one, was made up of Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, SEEKS CONTROL OFSTATEG.O.P, Special Meeting ; Of Baltimore City Committee First Step to"Re- orgapizatibn" PARLEY POSTPONED Undercover Purpose Declared Plan To Place Nice Back In Saddle Arkansas, and Texas. Not only inhabitants suffering in these sections but the corn crops were firing and an alarming danger of drought was reported. 20 Lives Claimed In East While the east and northeast enjoyed a temporary break in the high temperatures, there predictions that the high humidity would remain and that the equally torturing heat would return for another stand. In Washington, D. C., a number of the census bureau employes were (Continued on Page 9) Baltimore, July 30 Leaders of the Ovington E. Weller faction of the Republican party in Baltimore laid their lines today for a special meeting of the Republican City Committee as the first definite step in the former senators plan to "reorganize" the party throughout the State. The Levin Out of City meeting was to have been (Continued on Page 9) OHIO GET cumstances. Both fliers seemed to be in good physical condition when they left here. Eyes Shows Strain Aside from black circles under their eyes the fliers showed no ill effects from their long trip. "We had a good rest at Cardigan," Pangborn explained. "But as a matter of fact we were actually (Continued on Page 9) Unmasked Men, Attired As Railroaders, Take W. & L. E. Payroll With Them )ut on the Senate lobby committee in 1930 when its members began to request details (Continued on Page 9) Second "Siamese Twin"Dies Ending Strange Medical Case Baltimore. July 30 (/P)— Death of :he snrnnrt "Stamoje Twins" today brought an end to one of i Baltimores most strange medical cases. Dorothy Forster, the surviving of the conjoined pair died at the Mercy Hospital, where she and her sister Mary were born July 7, to Mrs. j Albert Forster. Mary died last week. Death came to both of the children when they were reported to be gaining strength for a second operation, planned by physicians to restore them to normalcy after their strange birth. When born, Mary and Dorothy were joined by a common intestinal tract. It was severed and the baby girls parted by one of the few such operations known to medical | Officials said none of the safety science. They were normal, four and deposit boxes had been opened, a half pound children, except for! Included 1n the loot was money unmasked robbers, attired as railroad workmen, robbed the Brewster i Banking Company in southwestern Stark county of $40.000 in currency and bonds today. Two of the men were armed with pistols and the other carried a machine gun. Banking officials said the bulk of the loot -was in currency. George Bixler, cashier: Miss Odessa Moser, a bookkeeper, and William Youngman, a customer, were lined with their faces to FIVE DROWNED WHEN MOTORBOAT SINKS Four Bodies Recovered When Craft Is Raised By Rescue Party Cookeville. Tenn., July 30 (ff) — Five of eight persons in a motorboat that sank at Burgess Falls last night were reported drowned as a rescue party raised the craft and recovered four of the bodies early The five were Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Whitson, of Cookeville; Whitsons sister, Mrs. J. P. Barnett, of Nashville. Tenri.. and her two young sons, James and Robert. Two other sisters of Whitson, Lucy, 18, and Pearl, 17, swam to safety, towing HENRY FORD REACHES 68TH BIRTHDAY called for last night, but absence from the city of former State Senator Harry O. Levin, one of the principal Weller lieutenants, caused a postponement. Harry W. Nice, former city committee chairman, announced the postponement. At the same time, Nice, who was ousted from the committee chairmanship in a coup by Edward E. Hargest, Jr., follower of the. William F. Broening wing of the party, said a majority of the committee was lined up on his side. The special meeting of the city committee, which can be called by a majority of the 43 members, was (Continued on Page 9) Spends Time In Gardens Of His Estate and At Engineering Laboratory Detroit, July 30 W)—Time, like, fortune, has been kind to Henry Ford. So said his friends today as the motor magnate observed his sixty- eighth birthday, Ford did not "celc- MERGER IS APPROVED New Billion Dollar Concern Is Launched At Stockholders Meeting Russell Boardman And John Polando Cover Distance From New York In 49 Hours : CLAIM NEW WORLD NON-STOP RECORD Sighted But Once After Leaving Starting Point; Both Claim Trip Was Fine Istanbul, Turkey, July 30 (ff) —Claiming a new worlds non-stop distance record, Russell Boardman and John Polando. brought their trans- Atlantic monoplane Cape Cod down at the airport here at 1:20 p. m. (6:20 2. rn. EST) today. In the 49 hours aad 20 minutes since they took off from Floyd Bennett Field New York, on Tuesday morning they had been sighted only once, and that was over New-. foundland just before they headed across the Atlantic: Grins Express Happiness Grinning broadly and shaking their own hands,above their heads, they climbed out of their sturdy plane while a great crowd, among them most of the members of the American colony, cheered. Ambassador Joseph C. Grew gave ihem a hand out of ihe cockpit and introduced them to the Governor of Istanbul. A squad of Turkish police presented arms during the brief ceremony. "We are very happy at having accomplished our purpose of beating the worlds non-stop record," Boardman told the Associated Press correspondent, "it was a fine trip." "The hardest part of the trip was last night, flying over the Alps," he said. "The Atlantic passage was fine, with no bad winds or storms, but it was very foggy. We saw the water only once, near Newfoundland. After that the fog was so heavy we never caught a glimpse of the ocean." In Fine Spirits Both men were in fine spirits and in good physical condition. They seemed to be momentarily stunned when the drone of the motors, to which they had listened for so long, stopped, but they recovered quickly. Their steady voices gave little indication of air deafness as they talked to officials of American embassy and representatives of the Turkish government for half an hour before going by automobile to a hotel at Istanbul, 15 miles from ;he airport. Crowd Waits 8 Hours  A sizeable crowd which had waited more than eight hours at the . airdrome for the Cape Cods arrival pushed into a small reception room of the Turkish air commandant, where Turkish aviators and civilian officials of the Turkish Aviation League offered punch and cakes to the American airmen. Asked whether he preferred punch or lemonade, Polando laughed and said, "what I really want more than anything in the world is a bath." But he and Boardman drank the punch and despite their fatigue (Continued on Page 2) New York, July 30. (£>)—Stock-1 brats" his birthday, for it was "just holders of both companies today another day" to him. Apparently in < approved the merger of Standard the best of health and spirits, he Oil Co., of New York and Vacuum [spent most of the day in the gar- Oil Co., to form the billion dollar BALTIMORE COLLEGIAN SAVES PAIR IN BOAT wall while the robbers looted the with them Beecher Cass, 45. cashiers cage and vaults? the common intestinal tract, and the second operation hnd been planned to place the t:act in its proper position in each. The mother was reported splendid condition. The brought in Dy the bank to ca.sh payroll checks for the Wheeling and Authorities said the survivors told them they did not know what caus- confidence and listened to their dens of his estate, "Fairlane," at Dearborn, or in the engineering laboratory of his plant "just across Messages of greeting came to Mr. Ford from various parts of the world. They came from Thomas A. Edison, the inventor: from Harvew S. Firestone, tire manufacturer, ana from scores of others. Edison and Firestone are Fords closest friends. Sleuths Pose As Brc ToLearn Of Mill New York. July 30.- -Three detectives who for two weeks had posed as brokerage clerks, won their Socony-Vacuum Corp. Under the terms of the merger Vacuum stockholders will receive 2\ 2 shares of the capital stock of the new company for each share of their present stock, and Standard of New York stockholders will receive new certificates for their present shares on a shar»-for-share basis. | tkerage Clerks ion And Half Fraud both here and in Europe. The men under arrest are Romeo Forlini, 38, who police say was in ed the boat to sink. Cass, -who was piloting the craft said it sank almost immediately, -but he was unable to explain the cause. Lake Erie Railroad shops and of- He said the front end, \vhere most noes at Brewster. ini A posse armed propositions involving millions of dollars, today landed two men in jail on charges of attempting to sell $1,500,000 worth of stolen bonds. The nrrest of the two men, police I twins were her first children. conjoined j started with shotguns pursuit of the robbers I they speeded away in an automobile. of the party were sitting, suddenly believed, might lead to sources of out to E. P. Bowman in his pos?es- dived into the water and almost information which may uncover an – 1 – —– •• • bsfore he realized what had hap- organization dealing in stolen or pcncd the boat had gone under, forged securities and with offices Gerard Backof Rescues Two In Spot Where He Previously Earned Fame • Baltimore. July 30, (/Pi—Exhausted from a half hour battle in a small boat against the wind and waves that came with the storm yesterday afternoon, Raymond Moore and his small son were being swept into the Bay from Bowleys Quarters when Gerard Backof. a City College student with a record as a life saver, swam out and brought their crait ashore, it was . learned today. For thirty minutes Mr. Moore and George, his son. pulled against the storm to keep from being driven out into the wilder waters of the Bay, where swamping was almost inevitable. The battle had exhausted oond-seiung ring in 192o, and them and they were unable to swing Anthony Bagarozy, 56, who boasted j the sweeps when Backof saw their of having been the late "•–•–•-•Carusos manager. When arrested Forlini, police say, had $15.000 worth of stolen General Motors r.tock certificates made sion. Police refused to state in what manner the theft of the bonds had been accomplished. » Enrico ! plight from the srinre and swam out to them. He reached them at Bo\v- Icys Bar and brought the boat ashore. It was the first, rescue credited o the City College youth this summer, but last year in almost the same spot, he pulled out two men who were drowning. He is 17 years oW.

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