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Self-Publishing Guide
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Self-Publishing a
Family History Book
  • High Quality Book Printing
  • Archival (acid free) Paper
  • Reorder as few as 4 Copies at the Original Price*
  • Produced in Our Facilities
  • Durable Binding to Last for Generations
  • Page Layout and Cover Design Available

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Optional Publishing Services
Cover Design $95.00
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Choosing a Binding Style
The most common binding styles for a family history book are the hardcover, softcover, and spiral formats. The following information will help you select the appropriate binding style for your family history book.

The hardcover binding style is easily the most popular format for a family history book. The quality of the books we produce makes it possible to pass a family book down from generation to generation. The fact that every book is produced in-house allows us to maintain the highest quality production standards, while at the same time offer the most economical price.

There are two hardcover styles available for family history books. These are known as the printed hardcover (or coffee table style), and the traditional linen cover with foil stamping. The printed cover option offers a choice of either a gloss or matte cover finish. The linen covers are available in a variety of colors and finishes.

Available options for your hardcover family history book are a full color dust jacket, printed end sheets (perfect for printing genealogical charts, or large images), foldout pages, and ribbon markers. There are no minimum page count requirements for the hardcover binding format.


The softcover binding format is the most economical binding format, and is available for family history books ranging from 20 pages to 600 pages. Our softcover books include features only found in quality bindings such as side scoring on the cover, milling, notching, and side gluing for better cover adhesion. The adhesives used are a high grade / high bond adhesive resulting in a durable, long lasting book. The cover finishes available for your family history book are the high gloss or matte finish.

Spiral Binding

As with the hardcover binding, there are no minimum page count requirements for the spiral bound format, although the spiral bound format is only recommended for family history books up to 200 pages. Books containing in excess of 200 pages display what is known as push out, where the center pages of the book extend past the cover of the book.

The spirals are available in a variety of colors to properly match the cover of your book. The cover finishes available for your family history book are the high gloss or matte finish.

Family History Book Pricing

The following example pricing is based on the following specifications:

  • Hardcover (with a full color printed cover)
  • 8.5” x 11” page size
  • 200 pages
  • 50 copies
Black Printing Only
20 Pages of Color Printing in One Section / 180 Pages Black Printing
20 Pages of Color Printing Placed Throughout Your Book / 180 Pages Black Printing
Start by Getting a Price Quote
Color Printing

Because color printing increases the price per book over regular black printing, with some planning the additional cost of color printing can be minimized.
The most cost effective method of printing pages of your book in color is to group your color pages together into sections. This will allow the majority of your book to be printed on the more economical black press, and only the color pages printed on the color press. It is possible to include up to 3 color sections in your book.

If you have chosen to print your book in color, and it is not possible to gather your color pages into one section, your entire book would be produced on the color press. To the right is a comparison of pricing based on black printing, printing color pages in up to three sections, and printing color pages throughout your book.

The cost of printing your family history book depends on the following:

  • The number of pages in your book
  • The number of pages printed in color (if any)
  • Whether color pages are grouped into sections
  • The number of copies required
  • Binding style

Once an order is produced, and further copies are needed, a reprint of your family history book can be made. The minimum quantity for reorders depends upon the binding style you have chosen for your book.

Family history books produced in the hardcover format have a minimum order of 4 copies. These copies would be offered at the same price per book as your original order.

The minimum order for the softcover format is 25 copies.

The minimum order for the spiral bound format is 25 copies.

Quick Reference Guide
– Family History Books –
View the full Self-Publishing Guide

The following information is for those who are preparing their own files for their family history book.

Common Page Sizes:
8.5” x 11”
11” x 8.5”(Landscape)
More About Page Sizes…

Binding Styles:
Hardcover (Most Common)
More About Binding Styles…

Maximum Page Count:
Up to 1,200 pages hardcover
Up to 750 pages softcover

Recommended Fonts:
More About Fonts…

Margin Settings:
0.75” – 1″ (top, bottom, left, and right)
0.2″ Gutter
More About Margins…

Full Bleed Pages:
Full bleed printing is available
More About Bleeds…

As few as 4 copies at the original price per book (hardcover)

Minimum Order:
25 copies hardcover / 50 copies softcover

Text Justification:
Full (recommended)

Landscape printing is available

Printed Endsheets:
Printed endsheets are available

Cover Finish:
Gloss or Matte printed covers
Linen or Leather finish (Foil-Stamped)

Dust Jacket:
Full color dust jackets are available in both portrait and landscape formats

…the best part was reading the book in bed to my son during our normal booktime. He was floored that this very professional-looking book he was holding was written by his very own dad. I can’t recommend it enough…
David Israel
> More Reviews…

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Empowering Writers to Self-Publish
All rights reserved.

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